PHOTO of the DAY

January 9, 2011

Photo of the day is a personal project.

This will be a photo that I have taken on that particular day. Sometimes this will be from a photoshoot or wedding on that day, others will be a photo taken specifically for the project. The selected photo may not necessarily be the best or favourite of the day, the only criteria is that is was TAKEN on that day…. This is quite a challenge and I know this will be difficult to maintain. I can already tell you there will be some pretty random images, and certainly won’t be masterpieces every day as I struggle to find time and inspiration for a daily image. The first image is a self portrait taken 1st Jan.

Day 9 – The Birds

Day 8 – The Boss!

Day 7 – Raindrops

Day 6 – Joshua

Day 5 – Stop!

Day 4 – Smoke without fire

Day 3 – In loving memory

Day 2 – Happy New Year!

Day 1 – Self portrait