Covid-19 and studio re-opening

May 18, 2020
Covid-19 update
Re-opening 15th June

The studio has been closed since the start of the covid-19 lockdown, and we will continue to follow government guidelines with regards to re-opening.

The Government guidelines now state that photography studios may open from Monday June 15th. The diary is now open for bookings from June 15th and we will limit the number of bookings per day to ensure sanitization can take place between each appointment. Should the Government advice change in the meantime, we will of course be very flexible to postpone dates if necessary.

It will be possible to book studio shoots provided all are members of the same household, but we will be offering family outdoor portraits on location at the same rates as a studio session. For a limited time, shoots either in the studio, or on location (locally), will be just £20. This special price does not include images.

Is a selfie really everything you want to look back on as years go by?

Many people now realise the importance of family more than ever, and that a family photo sometimes needs to be more than just a fun selfie with bad hair! A professional portrait can be fun too, but making sure EVERYONE looks good, in great lighting and flattering angles.

For a short period of time as the lockdown eases, we will be offering lots of great deals to encourage families to create some memories that will be treasured for many years and generations.

This blog will be updated with any changes and offers as they happen, so please check back regularly.

All visits to the studio are strictly by appointment only.

portrait in the garden
pregnancy portrait
woodland portrait