cherubs Portraits February 26, 2014

We have two new backgrounds in the studio and was delighted to see this little guy dressed perfectly for this portrait session.

cherubs Portraits April 21, 2011 Recent portrait – Phoebe

“I’m warning you…. stop telling me to smile!!”

cherubs Miscellaneous Portraits Weddings January 9, 2011 PHOTO of the DAY

Photo of the day is a personal project. This will be a photo that I have taken on that particular day. Sometimes this will be from a photoshoot or wedding on that day, others will be a photo taken specifically for the project. The selected photo may not necessarily be the best or favourite of …

cherubs Portraits April 1, 2010 ‘Cherub of the Year’ Competition

Could YOUR baby be the Cherub of the Year? £10,000 cash prize! Plus, twenty £25.00 shopping vouchers will also be awarded on a quarterly basis (80 in total). Cherubs now offers you the chance to win this incredible cash prize! If your baby is under 4 months old, and you have not yet registered with the …

cherubs Portraits March 17, 2010 Recent Cherubs

I just don’t seem to be able to put aside time to update the blog as regularly as I hoped, but here are a couple of images from a recent cherubs.

cherubs February 21, 2010 Big changes to Cherubs…. soon!

Changes to the Cherubs scheme will be announced in March, but we are waiting for the official launch by the Master Photographers Association who run the Cherubs Promotion nationwide. We will also be making a few changes. For the past 16 months we have been including a black Cherubs Folio with 3 Black & White images, …

cherubs Portraits February 20, 2010 Cherubs week7 2010

Week commencing 15th February was busy in the studio with a number of Cherubs sittings taking place. A couple of images from this week’s Cherubs sessions. More will be added soon.